mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Casa Clima honorary member of SBC Italia

Casa Clima is one of the most important organizations founded in Italy to develop energy saving and sustainable building.
Casa Clima headquarter is in Bolzano.
This organization was founded in 2002, but up to 80's the Bolzano Province worked to diffuse, on the buildings, the energy saving and the energy saving culture.
Casa Clima have offices in Italy, in Slovenya and in Brasil.

Further Information:

Director: Norbert Lantschner

Via degli artigiani 31
I-39100 Bolzano
phone: +390471062140

sabato 13 giugno 2009

ArTUR Honorary member of SBC Italia

ArTUR is a non governmental organization founded in Slovakya and its goal is to support protection, restoration and design of the environment in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development mainly from the point of view of environmentally friendly construction. ArTUR gathers specialists on building from natural materials.
Further Information:
President: Zuzana Kierulfova.
Hany Meličkovej 12, 841 05 Bratislava
Vysoká 18, 811 06 Bratislava

sabato 23 maggio 2009

SD Med honorary member of SBC Italia

SD Med is an association for cooperation on sustainable development and sustainable construction in Mediterranean.
The Association SD Med is a non profit Greek-French and international initiative. Its scope is mainly to promote decentralized cooperation on sustainable development between relevant Mediterranean actors and ensure at the same time links with the international networks and associations. Key field of action are sustainable urban development and sustainable construction considered as an important policy, strategy and practice towards sustainable development, cultural dialogue and economic solidarity.
Further information:
Stella Kyvelou - SD Med President. Fratti 5, Acropolis, Athens 11742, Greece;
Lhomond 7, Paris 75005, France.

domenica 22 febbraio 2009

Technical Board to apply the Agreement between Piedmont Region and Northern Military Headquarter

The Piedmont Region, in February, approved a Technical Board to apply the agreement with the Northern Military Headquarter, to develop Sustainable Social Housings and to develop other importants social actions by professional soldiers', in the fields of the Education, Public Health, Rails - Roads and Airports, Assistance and Learning.
Regional members of this board, are:
- Mss. Anna Paschero - delegated by Piedmont Region President;
- Mr. Adriano Bellone - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Social Housing, Programming and Planning;
- Mr. Paolo Del Prete - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Education;
- Mss. Margherita Burchio - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Health;
- Mr. Luigi Serra - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Rails, Roads and Airports;
- Mr. Marco Musso - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Public Assistance;
- Mr. Giancarlo Belzer - delegated by Piedmont Region Minister for Learning.
Further Information:

sabato 31 gennaio 2009

Annual General Meeting of UNEP SBCI - Washington DC

The Annual General Meeting of UNEP SBCI will be held on 15-17 April 2009 hosted by SBCI Member the US Green Building Council, Washington DC.
The Washington DC meetings are being organised to raise the profile of the building sector in relation to tackling climate change and the COP15 negotiations which conclude in Copenhagen in December 09.
The events in Washington DC provide a crucial opportunity for the Building Sector to speak with one voice on the need for special strategies to be included in the next global greenhouse emissions framework. Our ambition is for the SBCI meetings to be a very important international event and a milestone for the building sector on the road from Bali to Copenhagen.
The annual meeting is also the forum for members to elect the SBCI Board, decide on the annual work-plan and influence the direction of SBCI for the next 12 months.
Outline Agenda:

15 April 09: Buildings & Climate Change—Call for Action
• To present an international consensus on the need for the property and construction sector to be supported to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sector-specific measures under the post-Kyoto UNFCCC.
• To raise international awareness of the issues
• To present a united voice from the building sector
The Climate Change Think Tank has drafted a ‘call to action’ on Buildings & Climate Change which is proposed to be ratified at the meetings. This ’call’ sets out the case for the building sector to be prioritised in the COP 15 agenda and given support to develop the strategies, methodologies and mechanisms that will enable the sector to deliver deep cuts in emissions. The ‘call to action’ is supported by a briefing document being prepared by the climate change think tank – which concisely sets out concrete measures that can be taken to encourage invest- ments that will support emission reductions from the building sector. The ‘call to action’ is focused specifically on influencing COP 15 and would be an activity with which we could involve and achieve a 'common-voice' from influential stakeholders.

16 April 09: Buildings & Climate Change—Taking Action
Policy work and building case-studies to be presented in the context of a forum for policy makers, negotiators and industry on the strategies that have been proven to work to reduce GHG emissions from buildings. This would draw on the Policy and Benchmarking work so far and support the climate change think tank and the theme of the meetings in general which are to influence the country delegations to COP 15.

17 April 09: SBCI Annual General Meeting .

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venerdì 23 gennaio 2009

Agreement to build Sustainable Buildings in the Piedmont Region for the professional soldiers families

In December 2008, the Piedmontese Government, in cooperation with Northern Military Headquarter, wrote a draft of agreement to build flats for professional soldiers' families. These flats will be sustainable and ITACA Protocol will assess the sustainability level. Infact, the Piedmont Region and the Northern Military Headquarter focus a lot of attention on the environment. The flats will be built with regional financial support and this agreement will promote the renewal of old real estate. The Piedmont Region President and the Military Commander of the Northern Region have signed this agreement in Turin the 29th January 2009.

Further Information:

domenica 18 gennaio 2009

Italian Eco-Districts

The purpose of the Italian Eco-Districts is to manufacture the eco-friendly materials. All products of the Eco-District should belong to the same production area (building, energy), to have an ecofriendly product.
In Piedmont, Al Tech develops these objectives and a few Monregalese wood Industries (Monregalese is between Turin and Genoa) work to develop another Eco-District.
In Puglia, there are the "Puglia Eco-District" and the "Puglia Energy District". The "Puglia Energy District" develops wind power industries' and the "Puglia Eco-District" develops research, learning and quality building.
Synergies, between the "Treviso Eco-District" (taht develops training corses on sustainable buildings) and the "Puglia Eco-District", have been promoted to develop sustainable buildings.

(Puglia Energy District); (Treviso Eco District).

Further Information: